INVESTIGATES: Man says crumbling sidewalk is putting him, others in danger

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A man living on the west side reached out to Action News Jax saying lack of sidewalk access is putting him and others in danger. So we’re getting him answers and what you should do if you’re worried about the same issue where you live.

Roberto Camacho uses a wheelchair to get around.

“I totally depend on it, I don’t walk, I’m paraplegic,” he told Action News Jax in Spanish.

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A damaged sidewalk off 103rd Street and La Ventura Drive stops him in his tracks each time.

“These are obstacles in my daily life,” he said.

Camacho has to go around the crumbling portion of sidewalk, which means either going through a McDonald’s parking lot or going against traffic to access the crosswalk that gets him to the other side of 103rd Street.

He worries when he shares the road with drivers.

“They don’t care, they keep their course,” he said. “And they don’t brake or anything, and that could cause an accident. It’s a huge danger.”

He says a car has already hit him near this intersection before.

“A girl hit me with her car and pinned my wheelchair against the concrete wall and gave me a scare, then drove away,” he said.

Camacho wasn’t sure who to contact, so Action News Jax reporter Jessica Barreto called the Florida Department of Transportation. A spokesperson with FDOT, Bianca Speights, told Barreto that she submitted a maintenance request for that sidewalk and that it should be addressed in a couple of weeks.

FDOT will send someone to inspect the sidewalk and then decide if it needs to be fixed or if it needs to be a bigger project.

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Camacho hopes this will help others like him.

“I’m doing this for those who don’t have a voice to advocate for themselves or are scared to do so,” he emphasized.

You can report other damaged sidewalks to FDOT by calling 904-831-3368 (FDOT).