New details of what could be coming to some Downtown sites

Downtown Plans

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — An on-ramp to the Main Street bridge will soon come down near the Landing site and will create more space for future development.

For months, the Jacksonville Landing site has sat empty and grassed.

The exact details of the site’s future remain largely unknown.

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While the iconic Jacksonville Landing is no more, a new iconic structure is in the works for the space.

“The emphasis is on creating an iconic public space there, we know it is important to the city and residents of Jacksonville, we know it is important to our identity and brand,” Lori Boyer, the CEO of the Downtown Investment Authority said, using the St. Louis Arch as an example.

“What is that iconic feature that we can all relate to and speaks uniquely Jacksonville,” Boyer said.

Private buildings could call the Landing site home in the private space. Boyer said the first floor of a building will likely interact; she gave a museum or restaurants as examples.

As early as late this year, this on-ramp to the main street bridge is set to be demolished to create more space.

The designs for an iconic public space at the landing site should be done within 9 months to 1 year.

The DIA says in the interim the green space would be used for other events.