New report shows 14 domestic violence homicides in Duval county last year

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The new Duval County Domestic Violence Fatality report shows there were 14 domestic homicides in 2020. Eight of those deaths were specifically linked to intimate partners like boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives.

As of mid-September, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office reported another eight people have died this year at the hands of a loved one.

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It comes as Action News Jax told you this week that 21-year-old Felicia Jones was found dead in Riverview Park on Saturday morning.

She was nine months pregnant, and police have since arrested 19-year-old Reginald Perry in connection to her death. Police said Perry was the soon-to-be father.

Action News Jax was told by family there was no knowledge of any form of abuse. Friends said they were confused to hear about the arrest.

“He wanted the baby. So hearing that he did this — nothing is adding up. It doesn’t really make sense to me of why he did this,” Mikkyla Holliday said.

The report is roughly 85 pages and identifies patterns and trends related to domestic violence deaths. One big takeaway is it shows a majority of recent deaths were caused by men.

A domestic violence survivor named Kimberly spoke to Action News Jax about the issue today, saying she dealt with just about every form of abuse — from a mangled hand to having a gun pulled on her several times.

“I can’t tell you how many times a day, a year throughout portions of my life where I have been scared and fearful not only my safety but in a lot of cases my kids’ safety as well,” she said.

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As a mother of three, she took matters into her own hands and pursued a path for help from there.

Though there were fears of threats and constant emotional manipulation when trying to get out, she said she is now in a much better place and looks forward to brighter days.

“There is hope, hope for the hopeless. And persevere through even when it seems hopeless,” she said.

Members from the Hubbard House, which is a nonprofit that helps domestic violence victims, said oftentimes that those who are victims of domestic violence did not reach out for help. They said it’s crucial to get the awareness and resources out there to the public.