Parking woes on city-owned development site

Parking Lot Investigation

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A future site of development in downtown Jacksonville is causing a stir among neighbors who live nearby.

Neighbors say the site of the old City Hall annex and courthouse are being used as a parking space for people heading to the bars, despite no parking signs posted.

Several pictures taken in the last few weeks were sent to Action News Jax showing dozens of cars parked at the grassy site.

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“The partying after hours when the clubs shut down … there is a lot of after-hours partying.” Glen Van Vorst has lived near the lot for five years and is considering moving because of this.

He is frustrated, saying there is a lack of enforcement despite the lot being adjacent to the sheriff’s office.

Action News Jax found not one, not two, but six no parking signs posted around the property.

Charlie Griffin, who also lives nearby, said he doesn’t have a problem with people parking there.

“They aren’t causing any problems, they come, they go.” Griffin said.

The old City Hall annex was demolished in January of 2019. Construction of a new development has yet to begin, but the Downtown Investment Authority said a bid has been awarded to a developer.

Without an official sale, the city is still responsible for the property.

The city sent back this statement:

“I would also say that it appears that the lot wasn’t properly marked when it was cleared. ‘No Parking in Lot’ signs are going to be posted. We have confirmation that as of Thursday, September 3rd, JSO will enforce ‘No Parking’ on 300 and 200 East Bay Street (the courthouse and annex lots). Local bars are going to be encouraged to post ‘Parking in Grass Lot No Longer Permitted’ in their places of business.”

Action News Jax followed up about the existing signage.