People are on the hunt for COVID-19 vaccines here in Florida

Vaccine hunters website

People are on the hunt for vaccines here in Florida. A website called Vaccine Hunter is connecting those who have had success getting the vaccine to those who still need it.

Dr. Michael Smirena works at a local hospital.

He says, “I feel quite relieved.”

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He sat out the first round since he was mainly doing telemedicine appointments to make sure his co-workers on the frontline got the vaccine first.

“Once that first batch went through there was no more that came through.”

But getting an appointment has been anything but easy and now getting the vaccine has become a top priority for Smirena.

He explains, “I’m moving out of the telemedicine department and back into the hospital and I’ll be doing a lot of face-to-face patient contact and care.”

So Action News Jax investigator Dani Bozzini became a part of the Florida vaccine hunters on Facebook.

She found it through a website called

It’s a website that Founder Doug Ward says isn’t about skipping the line, rather ensuring no doses go to waste.

Ward says, “This is a great use of crowdsourcing information to kind of eliminate these vaccines that end up in the trash or just not being used.”

Thanks to a post on the Florida Facebook page, Dani learned that St. Johns County still had vaccine appointments available Thursday afternoon and she was able to get an application filled out for Smirena for next Monday.

“It’s actually pretty difficult to find, so thank you for your help with that,” says Smirena.

People are also posting places that they were lucky enough to get the vaccine from extra doses at the end of the day.

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