Surge in RV sales and rentals during pandemic

Surge in RV sales and rentals during pandemic

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — An estimated 25 million Americans on average go RVing each year, according to the RV Industry Association, and interest has been on the rise for a while.

A growing number of travelers are taking to the open road in their own home on wheels this holiday weekend.

Some local businesses told Action News Jax sales have spiked since campgrounds were reopened during the first phase of reopening.

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As families look for more socially distant options this holiday weekend, the outdoors becomes more appealing.

“Business has been very strong,” said Salem Hassan, President of Travel Camp of Jacksonville.

Hassan says bringing along your own kitchen, bed and shower puts RV businesses like his in high demand.

“The circumstances that brought this about is not the best circumstances but it’s opening up the door for a lot of people to try something new,” Hassan said.

Hassan said since people are choosing not to travel by plane or stay at hotels during the pandemic they are turning to other options.

“And a lot of them are realizing that RVs provide a good opportunity to cocoon with the family and go in the summer and isolate in and they’re not worried about who slept in their bed last night, they know it was them,” Hassan said.

Action News Jax visited Pecan Park RV Resort Friday and rows of campers were parked next to each other as dozens of families began setting up for the holiday weekend.

According to a survey from the RV Industry Association, 51% of those that plan to take any RV trip this year reported that current health concerns increased their interest in RV camping - much higher than any of the other travel options.

The Florida Department of Health says camping for the holiday weekend is safe, but they are encouraging people to stay within their family or group and maintain social distancing guidelines.