‘They blew off one of my fingers:’ Jacksonville mom shot in hand while driving

'They blew off one of my fingers': Jacksonville mom shot in hand while driving

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Jacksonville mom said her finger was shot off while she was driving with a friend.

New pictures provided to Action News Jax show how the bullet ripped through her steering wheel and into her hand.

In another photo, one can see the bullet holes in the windshield of the truck.

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Thursday night, Amber was out of surgery and feeling better.

In an exclusive interview with Action News Jax, she said it’s been an emotional few days.

Early Wednesday morning, Amber was driving with a friend to a gas station at Normandy Blvd and Yellow Water Road.

Amber said she noticed a car acting strangely, stopping in the road and then passing them.

“They did that about four or five times and just stopped the car, like literally put it in park on Normandy Blvd,” Amber said.

After they arrived at the gas station, Amber believes that the vehicle waited for them to leave.

She said as they were leaving, around 12:30 a.m., someone fired 12 shots at them.

“I see the windshield smash, like bullets coming through,” she said. “We duck, and I hold my hand. That’s when they blew off one of my fingers.”

Panicked, and shot, Amber and her friend - who was not injured - drove to a gas station minutes away to call the police. That’s when she said what just happened started to sink in.

“Thank God we did not have our children, because they would’ve been gone,” she said.

Amber said doctors had to amputate her right ring finger due to her injuries.

She may need more surgery to help with possible nerve damage but is determined to get past this.

She wanted to do the interview to get these people caught.

“I am right-handed, so now I have to learn to use my left hand,” She said. “But, I’ll do it because I’m motivated, I’m strong and I’m going to get through this,” She said.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office continues to search for whoever did this. They have not provided a description of the vehicle involved.