Video from DCPS on back to school changes

Video from DCPS on back to school changes
DCPS to discuss back to school plans

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Action News Jax is working to answer viewer questions.

VIEWER QUESTION: “Can you please find out if the school district will allow parents to view classroom setups in relation to COVID-19? It would be nice to see actual classrooms and not models.”

Action News Jax asked the Duval County School District and they directed us to some videos.

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In one video, Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene takes the video viewer on a tour of an elementary school. Starting the cafeteria -- with social distancing cones where kids are not supposed to sit. Then she moves on the show similar situations on school busses.

In another video, people can see how students sit at their desks behind barriers the school district installed.

Here are all the videos: