Duval GOP Chairman says RNC is not downsizing, rather “changing form”

Duval GOP Chairman says RNC is not downsizing, rather “changing form”
(Action News Jax)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Duval GOP Chairman Dean Black told WOKV that they are still expecting a huge number of people to attend the Republican National Convention even though some of the main events will be limited to the delegates.

Earlier today, the Jacksonville Host Committee announced that admittance to the convention venue for the first three days of the convention in Jacksonville will be limited to regular delegates only. For the final day, Thursday August 27, when President Trump will publicly accept the nomination, each delegate, a guest and alternate delegates will be allowed to attend.

The committee plans to utilize a number of indoor and outdoor venues including VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena, TIAA Bank Field, Daily’s Place, 121 Financial Ballpark and several others.

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“No one is talking about scaling back the convention. They are talking about reducing the number of people who can be in certain buildings at certain times. That is not to say that the people can not and will not come to town for the convention,” Black said. “Remember, there are many, many, many events that will be planned all over town in numerous other buildings. I would say they are not really downsizing the convention at all, it’s simply changing form.”

Black says they have had five to six thousand people register to be a volunteer at the RNC and they are getting around a hundred inquiries every day.

When asked about possible virtual events, Black says he hasn’t heard of any talks about that..

“I know that the Democrats are planning on having basement Biden doing their convention that way, which to be clear is just a webinar. Republicans are more interested in figuring out how to live during this pandemic and make sure our economy can prosper and yet we can also all remain safe,” Black said.