• Ebron points finger at Lonzie Barton's mother in her son's death

    By: Jenna Bourne


    Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Chief of Investigations Tom Hackney said Ruben Ebron implicated Lonzie Barton’s mother Lonna Lauramore Barton in the boy’s death, but State Attorney Angela Corey said she doesn’t plan to charge Lauramore Barton with anything else.

    Hackney said Ebron told investigators Lauramore Barton knew Lonzie was dead when she went to work at Wacko’s Gentleman’s Club that night.

    But Hackney made it clear JSO doesn’t consider Ebron a credible witness.

    “They're liars in my eyes. You have to take what they're offering in these plea agreements at face value,” said Hackney.

    Hackney said Ebron told investigators he and Lauramore Barton drew a bath for Lonzie, then went into another room to have sex.

    “They turned him away. They closed the door,” said Hackney.

    Hackney said that’s when Ebron says the boy drowned in the tub.

    Corey said she doesn’t plan to pursue any more charges against Lauramore Barton in this case, beyond her current charges of lying to police and child neglect.

    “I don’t believe we’re going to be able to do much more than we’ve done,” said Corey.

    Action News Jax Law and Safety Expert Dale Carson said the problem is Ebron’s lack of credibility.

    “The problem is he is the only person who can attribute to Ms. Barton a connection to the child’s death. And he’s not a credible witness,” said Carson.

    A spokesman for Lauramore Barton’s attorneys said they’re not commenting Friday on these new developments and declined to answer Action News Jax’s questions about her level of involvement in Lonzie’s death.

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