• El Faro families react to NTSB recent developments

    By: Larry Spruill


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - It’s been 30 days since El Faro disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean.
    The U.S. Coast Guard says the ship sank near the Bahamas last month and now the NTSB believe they have found some more wreckage in that area.
    “It doesn’t seem like it's real, but in reality it is,” said Brenda Jones Shields, the mother of Jackie Jones.
    It’s a tough dose of reality and a hard pill to swallow says Brenda Jones. Her son Jackie Jones was on container ship El Faro on the way to Puerto Rico, when it sailed into Hurricane Joaquin. The Coast Guard says El Faro sank after losing communication with the ship, October First, “I waited the 30 days like they said so now I think it's time for me and family to have some closure,” said Jones.
    The NTSB released a statement Saturday night, saying they found some wreckage believed to belong to El Faro, 15,000 feet under water, “ I was hoping they would bring my son back, but I see now they're not.It's hard to accept BC we don't have a body,” said Jones.
    But with or without a body, she says, she’s proud of her son, because he was doing something he loved, “Maybe this was God’s will, the way for him to go and it's kind of hard for him to say, but God knows best,” said Jones.


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