Elementary school Halloween party features Pres. Trump tombstone

GLOUCESTER, Mass. — A Halloween party at an Elementary school in Gloucester featured a rather unusual decoration - a tombstone with the president's name on it.

Apparently, one of the parents brought the tombstone for Don Trump last Friday night to the West Parish Elementary School's "Halloween Happenings" party.

"It's not a place to put out a political agenda of any kind. And it upsets me that somebody would think it was appropriate to expose young children to it," said Amanda Orlando Kesterson, chair of the Gloucester Republican Committee.

It's no surprise Kesterson is defending a republican president, but she also maintains she would do the same for any president, regardless of politics.

"I had very many difficulties with many of the things President Obama did... But the office of the president deserves respect," Kesterson says.

She says that the tombstone wasn't removed ever after she complained to the principal about it.

"While, according to the parent, this was designated to be humorous, a number of attendees rightfully felt that it showed disrespect," Telena S. Imel, the Principal of West Parish Elementary, said in a statement. "In planning future events, it will be made clear to organizers that school is not the place to engage in or display political agendas or opinions."