• Email threatens bombings, shootings at UNF unless Bitcoin is received

    By: Jenna Bourne, Action News Jax


    The FBI is investigating a threat of extortion and terrorism at University of North Florida and campuses across the state.

    UNF’s spokesperson has released few details about the threat, but Action News Jax got a copy of what appears to be an identical email sent to at least five other Florida universities and colleges.

    The spokesperson for University Of Florida said the email Action News Jax got from Hillsborough Community College in Plant City appears identical to the one sent to UNF, UCF, FSU and Florida Gulf Coast University.

    “I was, obviously, a little worried. I would have liked to have more information,” said UNF senior Sarah Snodgrass.

    The email from onlyfair@protonmail.com demands 1.2 Bitcoin, which equates to more than $17,000 in the digital currency.

    The suspect threatens to email daily threats of bombings and mass shootings to the campus.

    “Every night I will roll a single die. If a six comes up, I will instruct my compatriots to follow through on the attack and kill as many people as possible,” said the suspect in the email.

    UNF Police called the threats “likely non-credible,” but the FBI and FDLE are still investigating.

    “I hope that it’s not credible and that they can keep us safe here on campus,” said Snodgrass.

    The emailed threat also said, “The value I place on American lives is very low… It’s like hitting a squirrel with your car. You don’t feel good about it but you don’t lose any sleep either.”

    UNF is asking students who see anything suspicious on campus to alert the university police department at 904-620-2800.  

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