• Emergency crews deliver 2 babies in 12 hours

    By: Cole Heath


    DUVAL COUNTY, Fla. - St. Johns County Fire Rescue personnel helped deliver two babies for two families in 12 hours on Monday.

    SJCFR said it's not uncommon to respond to these types of emergencies, however to have it happen twice in 12 hours is rare.

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    Delivery of baby No.1

    Emergency crews responded to a call from a husband saying his wife was in active labor.

    The labor progressed quickly and 911 dispatcher Timothy Biscay believed the baby would be born before crews arrived. SJCFR said Biscay calmed Dean Befort and walked him through the delivery.

    "You did a good job, you've got to keep the baby warm," Biscay said on the 911 call.

    "The fire department was a mile away and they had an incident at the same time," Dean Befort said.

    Befort delivered the baby, Cecelia Avery Befort, within several minutes, SJCFR said. Paramedics arrived shortly after the birth and continued care for mother Aimee and baby, and transported them to the hospital.

    Delivery of baby No. 2

    An SJCFR crew went to a home and found a young woman in the midst of active labor.

    Paramedic Tina Corcoran and firefighters helped prepare and deliver the baby at the family's home, SJCFR said.

    After delivery, firefighters provided supportive care to the infant, Jadiel Arnaldo Rodriguez, and the mother while transporting them to the hospital without incident.

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    Crews reunited Thursday to welcome the Beforts' daughter, Cecelia, and the Rodriguez/Soto family's son, Jadiel, into the world.

    Both families have been released from the hospital as of Friday, and are healthy and happy, SJCFR said.

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