Exclusive video: Car spins out, crashes into fence outside of Jacksonville home

Car spins out, crashes into fence in Jacksonville neighborhood

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Surveillance footage shows a car speeding down Eve Drive, spinning out, crashing into the fence outside a local home and taking off.

Families said a neighbor chased down the car and driver on Loys Drive.

Action News Jax reporter Beth Rousseau confronted the owner of the car, Fernando Nunez.

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He said, “I was sleeping, the police came and knocked on my door.”

According to Nunez he wasn’t driving the car.

He told Action News Jax his girlfriend loaned it to someone who hit the fence and knocked out one of the back rear windows.


“Insurance is just going to total it I guess cause I’m a mechanic so I looked underneath and the frame is bent,” said Nunez.

Neighbors pointed Rousseau in the direction of the man they said was driving the vehicle – he was right down the road. Rousseau asked, “Why would you hit a fence and keep driving?” The man said nothing.

She questioned, “Why were you driving the red car in the first place?” He responded, “Why are you asking so man damn questions, I said I don’t want to talk.”

Nunez said police are filing a report about the car and the fence. He explained, “I haven’t spoke to the person and I’m sorry about that. I don’t know what to tell him, but I’m sorry.”

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