Expert weighs in possible Zika virus transmitted by mosquito in Miami

The first possible homegrown case of Zika transmitted by mosquito is being investigated in Miami.

Action News Jax went to the Mayo Clinic to find out what health officials are zeroing in on.

Dr. Vandana Bhide is an internist and pediatrician at the Mayo Clinic. She says a medical team will be examining the virus closely.

“What are the DNA fingerprints of this particular infection? And we want to be sure it’s a recent infection and not a similar infection like dengue fever,” she said.

Dr. Bhide says the medical team on this case will work almost like detectives. Tracking the patients every single move.

"Primarily this will be an epidemiology study. Which means they will very, very closely track the person’s contacts…how could have this person gotten the infection if it truly wasn’t travel related,” she said.

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The big question is, are there mosquitos infected with Zika in the area?

“A similar investigation I’m sure is ongoing which is to test the mosquitoes in the area," she said.

The CDC sent Action News Jax this statement that reads in part:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been informed that the State of Florida is investigating a potential non-travel related case of Zika infection.  At this time, state and local officials in Florida are leading the investigation, and CDC is closely coordinating with Florida officials. To date, Florida public health officials have confirmed Zika infection through laboratory testing; upon request, CDC will conduct additional laboratory testing."