• FAA investigating plane crash in Herlong, no one hurt

    By: Courtney Cole , Action News Jax


    The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and the Federal Aviation Administration are investigating a single plane crash in on Jacksonville’s west side.

    The FAA will be taking the lead on this investigation.

    The sheriff’s office says the crash happened around 2:40 p.m. Saturday in Herlong.

    JFRD says there was only person on board the plane and that person was not hurt.

    Action News Jax reporter Courtney Cole spoke to neighbors about the crash and they tell her while it was shocking to see, none of them actually heard the impact of the plane hitting the ground.

    Randall Wright has been living on Justin Road since 1995.

    In all of his 23 years on this block, he says he's never seen anything like this.

    "I came out of there, opened the garage door, you know, I’m sitting there in my underwear and everything and there’s an airplane in my front yard,” Wright said. 

    The Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department tweeted out a picture of the plane.

    The plane is on its side, with one of the wings bent in someone’s yard.

    The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and JFRD both responded after the plane made an emergency landing.

    Wright said he also spoke to the pilot, who says he's OK, just a little shaken up.

    "The undercarriage, the landing gear collapsed, wing collapsed,” Wright said.

    Many neighbors came outside their homes to snap a picture, because they couldn't believe what they were seeing.

    “Everybody was just confused, like why is an airplane in the road, in the middle of the street,” Deangelou Brown said.

    Everyone Cole spoke to says they're just grateful no one was hurt.

    JSO said the road will remain blocked off until the FAA arrives on scene.

    We're digging deeper to figure out who the plane belonged to and what it was used for.

    The registration number, or ‘N Number’ as it is commonly known, was visible on the body of the plane.

    Cole was able to use that number on the FAA registry to learn the plane involved in the crash was a Cessna 182.

    Action News Jax was also able to use the registration number to try and track down the person listed as the owner/manager of the plane in Orange Park.

    Cole spoke to the father of the owner/manager of the plane.

    He declined to give comment and also said his son will not comment either.

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