• Families head to the beach before school starts; Hurricane Bertha causes rough conditions

    By: Deanna Bettineschi


    A grandmother geared up her grandkids and headed to the coast to try and have one last adventure before summer comes to an end.
     “We’re here for our last day on the beach before school starts,” she said.
    Many other locals had the same idea.
    But Monday isn’t the best of beach days.
    Hurricane Bertha is moving closer to the area, and surf conditions are rough.
    That’s why lifeguards are being proactive to make sure everyone is safe.
    “Let’s not wait till people get in trouble, let’s bring them in before,” said St. Johns Fire Rescue spokesman Jeremy Robshaw.
    Robshaw said one of the main conditions they are looking out for is rip currents.
    “Today we still have more surf than we would normally have so that is creating some currents,” said Robshaw.
    Thunderstorms along the coast, forced life guards to clear the water.
    Lifeguards said between lightning and strong currents, they weren’t taking any chances.

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