Families in St. Johns County stranded by repeat flooding

Families stranded by repeated flooding

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. — Residents on Winton Circle in St. Johns County said they wake up to flooding that resembles rivers every time it rains.

They said the problem started 20 years ago, with a faulty development design that left no place for water to drain.

Since then, they say county roads are affected and they want to see action from the county.

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Action News Jax contacted the county engineer, who said officials are working on three possible solutions, including expanding ditches, raising roads and installing a pump system.

But neighbors say they’ve had enough after five years and just want to feel safe.

“We have neighbors that can not get to their cancer treatments, two neighbors. School children can not get through the water,” Sue Bergeron said.

The county engineer said it will be a monumental task to fix the flooding.

He said it will cost a million dollars with no set time frame for completion at this point.

Neighbors are also concerned that new developments in the area will push more water from wetlands onto their property.

“When you fill any wetland, you're going to disperse water and spread it out into another area," Ron Smith of Deerfield said.

The county engineer said there is a "storm weather model" that accurately predicts how construction affects water flow onto property.

He said he does not expect new construction to worsen the issue.