Concussion leads to discovery of Jacksonville-area boy's brain tumor

2nd grader diagnosed with stage 4 cancer

About three months ago, 7-year-old Logan Silva got a concussion playing soccer.

His family said he was having a lot of medical issues.

“He was getting really intense headaches; he would scream, cry, fall asleep to the point where he would throw up some times,” said Logan’s father, Daniel Silva.

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So they brought him to a local hospital where they learned these symptoms weren’t from his concussion, but a brain tumor.

“It is a grade 4 cancer, which means it’s very aggressive,” Silva said.

Logan was a trooper and went through two surgeries, one to remove pressure and the second to remove the tumor.

“It was right around nine hours as far as the actual procedure,” Silva said.

His family said between family, friends, their jobs and the community, they’ve had a ton of support.

Their Facebook page has more than 1,000 followers.

The family said they’re thankful for the support because Logan still has some obstacles to go through.

“He’s having to retrain his body to walk, to talk, pretty much every little motion,” Silva said.

His dad says he’ll go through six weeks of proton radiation therapy with chemo one day a week and about six to eight months of chemo after that.

But Logan is a fighter, and his family friends and community will be with him through it all.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the family. Click here to learn more.