• Family: Father was called 'deaf and dumb' before being shot by other father

    By: Brittany Jones


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The victim in a neighborhood shooting, a deaf man, said the shooter mocked his disability before firing the gun. The victim is recovering after his neighbor shot him Sunday evening, police said.

    The man's wife said she was watching from her window when everything unfolded. She said her husband got shot and fell on the ground.

    Surveillance video recorded screams in the Hunter's Way Apartments Sunday evening.

    "I mean, instantly everybody was in panic mode," said Richard Royal.

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    Royal was one of of the neighbors who rushed in to help 50-year old Allen Zogleman after a bullet grazed his head.

    His cameras captured the moments leading up to the shooting.

    "I don't think no one expected he was going to pull a gun out," said Royal.

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    It started with some sort of incident between Zogelman's and the suspect's children arguing. When Zogleman tried to explain he's deaf, he was shot.

    Neighbors say the bloody sight unfolded in front of dozens of children. One of those kids was Zogleman's 4-year-old daughter.

    Zogleman and his wife are both deaf. Action News' Brittany Jones went to talk to them and exchanged notes.

    His wife said the suspect's son struck her daughter in the head with a pole, and Zogleman yelled to her through their apartment window and went downstairs to talk to the boy's dad. She said that then, the man got into her husband's face, yelling. She said the suspect said her husband was "deaf and dumb," then shot him and left.

    The neighbor's surveillance video shows a white car speeding off right after the shooting happened, but no one has seen the suspect since.

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    Actions News obtained photos of Zogleman's injuries.

    "Somebody like that shouldn't be loose on the streets. To pull a gun that fast and shoot somebody -- an unarmed man; an unarmed deaf man," said Royal.

    Neighbors said they hope police find the man and lock him up for good.

    Action News stopped by the building where the suspect lives but was unable to contact him.

    Action News also contacted the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office a few times Monday to ask for suspect information and if there have been any arrests or charges filed.

    Action News is waiting to hear back.

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