• Father's blood still on stairs where he was killed

    By: Kaitlyn Chana, Action News Jax


    Every day, a local family has to pass a sad reminder of a father gunned down in front of his home. His blood is still on the sidewalk of their apartment complex nearly a week later.

    Neighbors told Action News Jax it’s horrific to know the blood of a man killed on that staircase still hasn’t been properly cleaned up. Clean Slate Services told us they received a phone call after we were sitting outside the Hollybrook Apartment complex for most of the day.

    Neighbors told us it’s been five days since Michael Wright, 62, was killed on Easter Sunday; they told us his blood is still splattered on the wall and drops are dried on the staircase.

    “It would smell over time and knowing that it’s very hot out here and it would smell,” said Michelle Fletcher.

    Action News Jax tried calling management, but their lines were always busy, and their security guard told us we weren't allowed to go onto the property to speak with managers. As we stood near the property, Clean Slate Services field coordinator Miles Clarke told us his company was called to clean up the crime scene.

    “We will be doing that today and cleaning up any biomedical waste that might still be there,” said Clarke.

    Neighbors told us they saw people spray the staircase with a hose; however, Clarke told Action News Jax it’s ineffective to spray blood with water.

    “You can come and wash it down, but any potential infectious diseases still remains, so the sooner you can get it cleaned up is really what we’re aiming for,” said Clarke.

    Neighbors told us they believe this area should have been cleaned up immediately. Police are still looking for the killer in this case. Anyone with any information is asked to call police.

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