Armed robbery, murder case comes to emotional end with final sentencing in Clay County

Armed robbery, murder case comes to emotional end with final sentencing in Clay County

The family of a Middleburg High School teen faced their son’s accused killers in Clay County Court Wednesday morning.

Taurean Johnson and Ozell McNabb pleaded guilty to reduced charges of second-degree murder for the death of 18-year-old Kolton Shearer.

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Investigators initially charged four people with armed robbery and murder more than two years ago.

In June 2016, Alexandra Schreffler told police three men allegedly told her to find someone they could rob. She later told police she targeted the high school baseball player on Facebook because he was “an easy target.”

Once Shearer arrived at the home, he was attacked and fatally shot.

Action News Jax showed you Schreffler in Clay County court last June. She entered a plea deal for reduced charges of armed robbery, on the condition that she would be available to testify against the three other suspects if the case went to trial.

A month later, Jordan Coleman pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and sentenced to 25 years in Florida state prison.

Action News Jax had the only news team in the courtroom for Johnson and McNabb’s sentencing Wednesday morning.

Shearer’s family prepared a statement to read to each suspect. A victim advocate read in part, “You have left me, along with his loving family and friends, with a wound so deep it will take a lifetime to heal.”

After a Clay County judge sentenced Johnson to 30 years in prison and McNabb to 26 years in prison, each suspect apologized to Shearer’s family.

“Nothing I can say can bring their son back but I just want to apologize for the situation,” McNabb said.

“I’m sorry for what happened,” Johnson said. “It was never my intent and I’m greatly sorry for that.”

Action News Jax asked to speak with Shearer’s family after the sentencing but they declined to comment.