Family's reaction to local sailor found alive

The sailor who disappeared while deployed on the USS Shiloh was found alive, and hiding in the engine room on his ship.

The Shiloh was off the coast of Japan when Peter Mims, 23  was thought to have fallen overboard.

For one week, the U.S. Navy and the Japanese Self-Defense Force searched thousands of nautical miles for 50 hours.

The search was called off Sunday, but Mims was found hiding in the ships engine room Thursday.

"I thought Peter could have never disappeared," said Mims ex-wife Mikey Mims. She doesn't believe Mims would do this or why he was hiding out.

Action News Jax spoke to Mims older sister, Amy James, who wouldn't comment on her brothers mental or physical health, but said the family is relieved.

"I would love to go see him and wrap my arms around him and never let go," James said.

The navies used a massive amount of resources looking for Mims.

While his loved ones say they do not have much information, they want to know why Mims was on the ship the entire time.

"He's alive - just wants his rest and privacy," James said.

After Mims is medically evaluated, the Navy will decide it's next step.