• FDOT: Phase 3 of State Road 9B in St. Johns County on schedule for summer 2018 completion

    By: Deanna Bettineschi, Action News Jax


    PHOTO GALLERY: Aerial view of Florida State Road 9B construction 

    Cars travel along State Road 9B every day as a way to get from Jacksonville’s Southside to Interstate 95 and back.

    But they’ll be able to go farther into St. Johns County once Phase 3 opens in summer 2018.

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    One Third Asian House owner Jack Lin said he specifically opened his business close to 9B because he knows the area has been growing.

    “I think that’s still the case. As you can see, there’s a lot more going on right now going that direction,” Lin said.

    Phases 1 and 2 stretch from Interstate 295 down to I-95.

    Phase 3, is not open yet, but will stretch from I-95 down to County Road 2209

    Lin said 9B has already helped his commute.

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    “It’s very convenient, faster, usually when I go to Town Center or Sam's Club, so it’s very convenient,” Lin said.

    During rush hour, where northbound 9B meets I-295, there is traffic congestion.

    The Florida Department of Transportation said it believes it will get better for drivers when the construction of the express lanes is finished.

    FDOT said Phase 3 of 9B is on schedule to be completed next summer.

    For more information on State Road 9B, visit FDOT's website.

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