Federal workers expected to miss first paycheck during government shutdown

Federal workers driver for Uber to make ends meet

Hundreds of thousands of federal workers nationwide are expected to miss their first paycheck on Friday.

Thursday was Day 20 of the Partial Government Shutdown.

Action News Jax spoke with one local woman, who is trying to make ends meet.

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Lashonda Kinney is a furloughed employee who works for the Internal Revenue Service.

She’s been driving for Uber for about a week now.

“This is one of my methods or ways to survive, but it’s just hard,” said Kinney.

For Kinney and other furloughed employees, finding other means of employment has been difficult.

“I’ve tried to reach out to temp agencies,” she said, “but because we are still currently employed and we could go back today or tomorrow, they’re not wanting to hire us.”

She is trying to see the positive, and has already picked up 60 riders this week. She says this experience has taught her to never take anything for granted.

“Don’t be so quick to purchase everything that you see, because you never know when you’re going to fall on hard times,” she said.