• Fernandina Beach couple claims someone shot at them while driving

    By: Jenna Bourne , Action News Jax


    A Fernandina Beach couple said they’re in fear for their children’s lives after someone shot at the family’s truck early Friday morning.

    “At first, we thought [it] was just somebody throwing firecrackers at us. I said, are they shooting at us?” said Cierra, who asked Action News Jax not to use her last name because she fears for her family’s safety.

    She found three bullet holes in their truck; two near the bumper and one on the toolbox.

    “My children could have been in here. And that one [on the toolbox], particularly, all I can do is be thankful for my husband because if it was just a few inches higher, he would have been dead,” said Cierra.

    She said she and her husband noticed a gold car following them on Mobley Heights Road.

    When they turned onto Clearwater Road, they said someone in the car started shooting and followed them home.

    Cierra said the car stopped at the edge of their driveway.

    “I went and grabbed the 12-gauge, followed my brother out this way. By the time we got here, the vehicle was too far down to go. And with my brother being right there, he went and fired some warning shots into the ground with his 40. And I just held the shotgun standing there like, come back. I dare you,” said Matthew, a relative who was staying with them.

    Action News Jax was at their home for less than an hour; in that time the family said the same gold car drove past three times.

    “We have no idea who they are. I’ve seen the vehicle at my job. There went that vehicle. The vehicle just went by. We were told to call the law,” said Cierra. “I pray that they are caught and they’re not stupid enough to do this again. Because it may end much worse. We will stand our ground.”

    Her husband called the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office.

    A deputy showed up to take the family’s second report of the day.

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