• Fernandina Beach woman lost pets, belongings in house fire

    By: Deanna Bettineschi , Action News Jax


    A Jacksonville woman walked up to her home Tuesday for the first times since it was destroyed by a fire Friday. 

    “When I opened the door the place exploded,” Ruby Willock said, describing what happened Friday when she tried to enter her home. 

    Luckily her son wasn’t home, and Willock was able to escape. 

    “There was a bannister, I pulled myself across there, fell on the ground and took off to my brother’s house,” Willock said.

    But their two dogs, a cat and a turtle didn’t make it out.

    The mayor of Fernandina Beach heard about the fire and wanted to help. 

    He posted on Facebook, asking the community to drop off clothing for the family at the Palace Saloon, and the community has already started to donate.

    “Everybody is helping so it feels good; it takes some of the stress off you, ya know?” Willock said, adding that she’s currently staying with her family until she can figure out where she’s going to live long term.

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