FHP issues hundreds of tickets as part of Operation Southern Shield

Troopers, police crack down on speeding drivers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — State troopers and local law enforcement agencies across five states are cracking down on speeding drivers.

Troopers in Duval County have already given out hundreds of tickets.

They say if you're caught speeding, then don’t expect to get out of a ticket if you’re pulled over.

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It’s not hard to find speeders on Interstate 295.

“To those watching slow it down it’s not worth it,” Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Curtis Nobore said.

In the first hour of our ride-along with Nobore, he pulled over three drivers.

Action News Jax reporter Jamarlo Phillips was sitting in the back seat when he clocked a driver going 90 mph.


“Any questions about this citation?" Nobore asked. “No, boss, you see how many speeding tickets I got, right?” said the speeding driver.

Next, Nobore then went after a driver who claims she was only going 60 mph.

“Sir, I’m honest,” said the driver. “We had an aircraft up above clocking your vehicle,” Nobore explained.

Moments later, Nobore caught another driver in a minivan speeding by on U.S. 17

FHP started what it calls Operation Southern Shield on Monday.

Nobore says since the campaign started, he has issued more than 20 speeding tickets. He says also looking for any other offenses, from not wearing a seat belt to texting and driving.

The goal of the campaign is not to write tickets but to educate drivers on the dangers of speeding.

“If you’re running late, leave early. It sounds like a simple solution, but a lot of people feel like they can rush and make that time crunch and end up getting stopped by me,” said Nobore.

Troopers say Operation Southern Shield is all about keeping our roadways safe and saving lives.

This is the third year law enforcement from Georgia, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina and Tennessee are participating in the campaign, which focuses on enforcing speeding violations.

They’re hoping the campaign will spread nationwide.

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