• Final round of Coast Guard Marine Board hearings on sinking of El Faro to begin


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The families of the 33 crew members who died when the cargo ship El Faro sank will learn more about what happened in October 2015.

    The final round of the Coast Guard Marine Board hearings begins Monday. It will focus on the voyage data recorder, which is expected to reveal more insight about the ship’s journey.

    First up is Capt. Raymond Thompson who is El Faro’s former Chief Mate. He will finish up his testimony from the second round of hearings. We are expected to hear more about ship operations from him as well as his observations of Capt. Davidson.  

    Then we will hear from Dr. Jeff Stettler of the Coast Guard. He’s expected to testify about El Faro’s stability. There was a lot of discussion about the ship’s stability in the last hearing session. The board will be interested to hear more about how the vessel was loaded and whether stability calculations were done correctly.

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    Family members of the 33 crew workers who died on board El Faro said they want answers along with a promise of change so something like this doesn’t happen again.

    The Navy was able to retrieve the voyage data recorder 3 miles below the ocean’s surface and nearly 10 months after it sank. The device is expected to hold truths as to what happened that day.

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    The crew members were never recovered from the wrecked ship.

    During the hearing, the marine board's investigation will examine the words from the data recorder and will try and determine what contributed to the accident, evidence of misconduct and who contributed the crews’ death.

    The board now has the benefit of seeing what was said in those final hours. The final round will last about two weeks, after that the board will provide findings and probable cause as to what led to the sinking. 

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