• Good Samaritans pull 2 women from submerged car after it crashes into pond

    By: Katie McKee


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A good Samaritan punched out the windows of a car that crashed and became submerged in retention pond Saturday.
    Two women were inside an SUV when it veered off St. Johns Bluff Road near the I-295 ramp Friday around 10:40 p.m. The SUV crashed into a retention pond near the road and became submerged in the water with the women trapped inside.

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    Percy Green was driving on St. Johns Bluff Road when he saw the crash happen and stopped to help those inside.

    “He was screaming, ‘The car is underwater,’ so I jump out the car to try and come help,” Green said.

    A report from the Florida Highway Patrol doesn’t say why the SUV veered off the road, but the good Samaritans who stopped to help didn’t need to know why.

    “When we get up to the car it’s just completely underwater,” Green said. “We had a wrench. We were trying to bust the window open but we couldn't, so he just started punching the window. He finally got it open.”
    Green said to get the two women out of the SUV they had to cut the seat belts.

    “Once he got the seat belt off her we went to yanking and pulling,” Green said.

    Green and the other good Samaritans ended up getting treatment for the injuries they suffered during the rescue -- something Green said was worth it.

    “But we had to do it, you know, when somebody's life is on the line ... you try to help somebody out.”

    The passenger was critically injured but was in stable condition at UF Health, according to officials.

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