Florida attorney fighting for medical marijuana patients to be able to smoke drug

The Florida attorney who fought to make medical marijuana legal is suing the state because the new law doesn't allow patients to smoke the drug.

Attorney John Morgan went to Tallahassee on Thursday, armed with a 26-page lawsuit titled "People United for Medical Marijuana Inc. vs. The State of Florida."

“The people that we lay out to very specifically in the bill are people who have things like ALS, AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis. It goes on and on and on,” Morgan said.

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The current law only allows medical marijuana patients to vape or use oils, pills or edibles.

Morgan said that was not the intention of voters who approved the November amendment, which nearly three out of every four Florida voters supported.

“Because (lawmakers) don't know the difference between marijuana and LSD, and heroin, that they thought that this was their way of stopping people from backdooring the recreational use of marijuana, but all they did in the process was to hurt the patients who need it the most,” Morgan said.

Jacksonville Beach Mayor Charlie Latham stands by the current law. Jacksonville Beach has a one-year moratorium on dispensaries.

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“It doesn't quite pass the smell test to me,” Latham said. “If the benefit of the THC is there in capped versions or edible versions or pill versions, I would think that would meet the criteria, so I’m not too sure what the motive is.”

Morgan believes Florida voters will approve recreational marijuana use in the next three or four years.