Public can weigh in on replacement for Common Core in Florida

Replacing Common Core in Florida

You can help state leaders decide what Florida students will learn in public schools.

In January, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed an executive order to ditch Common Core and find new education standards.

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It left open a big question: What standards will replace it?

On Monday, the Florida Dept. of Education launched a new tool that allows you to weigh in.

This online survey allows the public to evaluate each standard by grade level, like whether first graders should know how to use a ruler.

You can choose whether it should be eliminated, revised, moved, or left unchanged.

You can also leave comments to explain your opinion.

Trey Csar is a Duval County father of two.


He’s also Chief Operating Officer for Impact Florida, an organization that works to strengthen teaching across the state.

He says it’s important not only for parents to make their voices heard through the state’s new survey; teachers need to weigh in, too.

“Because it is a very detailed document, it’s very important that educators lift up their voices to say, ‘Here’s what we really think is working well, and here’s where we want to make some tweaks,’” said Csar. “Just to say, ‘I love the standards’ or ‘I don’t like the standards’ doesn’t give the professionals in the Dept. of Education a whole lot to go on, to say, 'Well, what do we keep, what do we change, what do we re-order?'”

The state will use the survey data in combination with input from public hearings, as well as the department’s evaluation of standards across the country.