Florida doctor launches new app Secure Your Fertility

Nearly 7.5 million women struggle with infertility.  As technology advances, doctors are offering couples new options to help them start a family.

Dr. Jerisa Berry is one of those doctors. Inspired by her own fertility journey, Berry is working to help other women better understand their fertility issues with the launch of the Secure Your Fertility app this week.

"This app lets you know how much egg or ovarian reserve you have left," Berry said.

Ninety-seven dollars covers a hormone test, called an AMH test, that you take at a local LabCorp, plus a consultation from a provider over the phone to help you understand your results.

You can put all that into motion through the free app.

The results are sent to the providers who work with Secure your Fertility and it reveals whether you have a low, normal or high egg count.

"When you know that your AMH is low, then it can be a wake-up call that my egg reserve is getting low… maybe some steps I should take to either freeze my eggs or take steps to increase the quality of the remaining eggs that I have left," Berry said.

Berry took the test when she was trying to conceive, but that was after a number of doctor appointments and racking up hundreds of dollars in expenses.

She wants to make the test more accessible for women who want to get a sense of their biological reserves.

To learn more, visit the Secure Your Fertility website: http://secureyourfertility.com/whats-your-amh/