Want to stream Netflix without paying taxes? Move to Florida, governor says

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is once again pushing people to move to Florida, and this time, it's over Netflix taxes.

Scott sent a series of tweets calling cities and states "absurd" for passing taxes on online-streaming services like Netflix.

He encouraged anyone who wants to stream shows online -- tax-free -- to pack their bags and move to Florida.

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This comes as the Pasadena City Council takes heat after announcing a 9.4 percent tax on streaming video, CBS news reports.

The council told CBS News that they're calling it a utility, so it can be taxed like water and electricity.

Scott says he is traveling to California next week in a bid to convince companies to move to Florida.

"With our low-tax, business friendly climate and our commitment to investing in our transportation infrastructure, Florida is ready to welcome more job creators to our state," Scott said.

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott is blasting states that are charging a "utility" tax just to watch Netflix:

Posted by Action News Jax on Friday, December 2, 2016