Florida lawmakers considers extending tax-free holiday

Your earned cash--it’s something many of us try to save. While Gov. Rick Scott was in Jacksonville on Tuesday for the Sheriff’s Association Conference, he talked about his budget proposal, including his wish that $100 million would go toward a variety of sales tax holidays.

“All these things put money back in your pocket. We have the money to do it. Just think about it. When we add 240,000 jobs a year with 350,000 people who move here, home prices go up, what happens? Your state revenue goes up,” he said.

Sen. Keith Perry, of Gainesville, proposed extending the state’s current sales tax holiday. Right now, it only lasts three days. If approved, that would change to 10 days, going from Aug. 4 -13. Clothing that costs $100 or less, school supplies under $15 and laptops $1,000 or less would be tax-free.

“Every family needs it, especially when you have loved ones that you’re taking care of,” shopper Dion Glasco explained.

According to the Florida Retail Federation, a typical family usually spends around $670 each year on back-to-school shopping.

Servicemen and service woman and students would also benefit. Scott would like to see a three-day sales tax holiday for military veterans and to eliminate sales taxes charged on college textbooks – something he says would save Florida students $48 million.

The sales tax holiday ideas are a part of Scott's $618 million tax cut package. He believes when the Sunshine State thrives in tourism and other areas, we should reap the benefits.

“We should give you some of that money back every year,” he said.