• Florida man accused of beating up friend after he eats his pizza

    By: Sandra Nortunen, Palm Beach Post


    A Florida man attacked his friend with a knife and golf club after the two smoked pot together and then his buddy helped himself to some pizza, according to police. 

    Melbourne Police said that Drew Cywinski, 25, and a friend had smoked K2 together on Monday and then later that same day they hung out at Cywinski’s home, according to Florida Today

    While there, his friend began eating a slice of pizza that was on a table. 

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    This started a fight, which led to the guest trying to escape on his bike with Cywinski chasing him yelling, “I’m going to kill you,” according to the police report obtained by Florida Today.

    Cywinski broke a golf club on his friend’s head, and then started swinging at him with a mop handle. 

    To finish things off, officers said, he pulled out a 5-inch knife and cut his friend’s chest at least once. 

    Deputies hauled Cywinski off to Brevard County jail on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and battery. He’s been arrested previously in Brevard County on trespassing and petty theft charges. 

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