• Florida woman wants state to stop levying sales tax on tampons


    A Florida woman wants the state to stop taxing tampons, and she’s going after both the State of Florida and major retailers.

    The woman's lawsuit calls the tax irrational and discriminatory because there are male health products that are tax exempt.

    Many health-related items are tax exempt such as throat lozenges, foot care items and Band-Aids, but not tampons.

    Carlee Wendell of Tampa is suing over the so-called "tampon tax." She said it’s unfair for there to be a tax on an item that is necessary.  

    Men’s products like Rogaine, which is used to help baldness, is exempt from sales tax.

    The same issue came up in California in June. The California Assembly voted to get rid of its tax on tampons, which generated about $20 million a year for the state.

    The lawsuit also said the woman is trying to get refunds for women who’ve paid the tax.

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