• Floridians at HobNob question officials and candidates on redistricting

    By: Romney Smith


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Hundreds of people packed HobNob at the Hyatt Regency Riverfront on Thursday night to mix and mingle with political candidates and elected officials. One of the main questions was about redistricting and how it will impact the upcoming election. 

    “I'm paying attention to the point where I want to know where the lines are going to be redrawn to see if it affects where I live. I live in Oceanway so it probably won't affect me as much, but it's still a possibility,” said Gregory Fiege.

    Independent congressional candidate Paula Moser-Bartlett disagreed with a Florida judge’s ruling that ordered the districts to be redrawn by Aug. 15. 

    “I think at this point we leave it the way it is and fix it after this election,” said Moser-Bartlett. 

    Republican congressional candidate Glo Smith, running in the controversially drawn District 5, said the maps should change immediately. 

    “So if we're going to open this up, allow Floridians the opportunity to go in and help redraw these maps, and yes they should be concise,” said Smith. 

    Smith is challenging long-time Rep. Corrine Brown for her seat. Brown has made numerous statements saying redrawing her district would disenfranchise African-American voters. Smith doesn’t see it that way. 

    “Is it for Democrats or Republicans? I am a minority and I say to the minority community which has received me very well is that I'm here. Your option to elect a minority candidate hasn't been taken away from you,” said Smith. 

    Action News reached out to Brown for a statement Thursday, however she’s out of town and unable to comment. 

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