• Food drive in Riverside for families affected by Ebola virus

    By: Jessie McDonough


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Ebola crisis continues to spread in Liberia.  The people who haven’t caught the virus are now suffering.

    Mission Harvest America will be holding a food drive for an emergency food drop that benefits Liberians.

    The drive is being held at 69 Copeland Street.  You can contact Mission Harvest America at 904-962-1928.

    Food trucks have stopped coming into the Ebola-ridden area.

    Thousands of children and adults in Liberia are without food and in need of protection from the outbreak.

    Wednesday morning, a food drive will be held at a warehouse in Riverside to combat the inflation of food prices due to the virus.

    The items needed most are rice and beans in bags, pasta, canned meat, peanut butter, toiletries and sanitation items, summer clothes, powdered bleach and portable generators.

    According to the United Nations' World Food Program, the virus has already claimed over 1,000 lives in Guinea, Sierra Leonne and Liberia.

    You can donate food and clothing to families affected by Ebola in Liberia at Amoco gas stations in Florida.  You can also bring donations to Fleming Island Methodist Church.

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