• Food trucks party, operators pleased with City Council's 50-feet decision

    By: Deanna Bettineschi


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - New rules put into effect this week by the Jacksonville City Council now allow food trucks to be 50 feet from a restaurant.

    On Saturday night, about a dozen food trucks made their way down to the Jacksonville Landing.

    The trucks brought a good crowd, about 9,000 to 12,000 people. The streets were filled as people made their way down to the Landing to come check out different food trucks.

    Anthony Hashem runs the Happy Grilled Cheese and said Saturday was a big night for food trucks.

    “It's an awesome thing, it's something we've been igniting in the food truck community for almost two years,” Hashem said.

    Hashem said he's happy about the City Council’s decision. He said two years ago, they couldn't be within a mile of a restaurant, then that changed to 300 feet and it now sits at 50 feet.

    “It actually boosts the sales of shopping in the Landing when we have the food trucks out,” Hashem said.

    Action News spoke to Paul Glaser, general manager of Fionn MacCool’s, to see what he thought of allowing food trucks to be closer to restaurants.

    “If you serve great food and give great service, people are going to come for those things. You can't get that walking up to a window in a truck,” Glaser said.

    Food truck operators do have to get permits just like regular restaurants and businesses.

    The trucks only need one permit in Jacksonville, however, in other areas such as Jacksonville Beach, different rules are in place. At Jacksonville Beach, for instance, a food truck needs one permit per location.

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