• Forever Family: Ian's story

    By: Karlyn McKell


    Ian is a fun-loving teenager who is searching for his forever family. He uses art and music as a creative release to help him cope.  As a child growing up in the foster care system, Ian has had to go through a lot, so when he grows up he wants to help other children overcome their obstacles.


    “I want to be a nurse practitioner for a pediatrician,” Ian said. “As I started growing up I saw my struggles as a child and I think being a nurse practitioner all ties in together to reach my goal.”  


    When Action News Jax anchor Tenikka Hughes asked Ian what he’s looking for in a forever family, he said it doesn't matter if they are rich or poor. All he wants is to feel the connection.


    If you are interested in adopting Ian or learning more about Forever Family, click here.  

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