• Former deputy jailed for protecting drug dealers


    WAYCROSS, Ga. - A former deputy for the Pierce County Sheriff's Office is going to prison.

    A judge sentenced Randy Strickland to seven years and nine months in a federal prison.

    Strickland, 55, pleaded guilty to acting as security and a lookout for meth dealers while in uniform and in his patrol car.

    Investigators received a tip about Strickland's activities and put him under surveillance.  Federal agents witnessed Strickland contacting a confidential informant and receiving a $100 fee.

    The informant, according to federal prosecutors, placed the money in a potato chip bag on the side of the road for Strickland to pick up.

    "Instead of protecting citizens, Strickland chose to serve drug dealers.  His actions tarnished the badge and the community’s trust.  While the public should be reminded that the vast majority of law enforcement officers live by their oaths, the public should also know that the U. S. Attorney’s Office will prosecute criminals dressed in police clothing," said U.S. Attorney Edward Tarver.

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