Former DIA board member proposes taking over downtown Jacksonville parking operations

Changes ahead for parking downtown

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The Downtown Investment Authority recently received a proposal from former DIA board member Dane Grey to recreate and manage parking operations in and around downtown Jacksonville.

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"We have received a proposal from a company that would like to take over operation of our parking garages and parking meters," DIA CEO Lori Boyer said. "Modernize that process, pay the city for that opportunity but then take over the responsibility and management of those."

Boyer said Grey resigned from his position on the DIA board on Oct. 7. The same day, Grey submitted a proposal for the city's parking operations.

Grey is CEO and president of Elite Parking Services of America Inc. The city's online lobbyist registration lists Sam Mousa, Doyle Kevin and Tim Baker as lobbyists for the company.

The multimillion-dollar proposal requests a 30-year term. It claims the parking program would increase revenue for DIA, create jobs for the city, and manage traffic in highly congested areas.

According to the proposal, Elite Parking Services would offer new facility equipment upgrades, upgrade and replace all on- and off-street parking equipment, provide a centralized valet parking program, create a park-and-ride option downtown, provide infrastructure capital improvements for the Waters street garage, and expand on-street parking program to highly congested areas.

It states the company would like to take over management of eight parking options, including on-street parking and garages. Boyer previously expressed an interest to make city employee parking garages open to the public during the evening.

Under the proposal, the company wants to expand operations to Riverside and San Marco. It suggests putting a parking programs in highly congested areas to reduce traffic.

"We're going to be looking at that proposal, evaluating it, seeing whether we think it's a good deal for the city," Boyer said. "What are the pros and cons, what are things we might not think about and coming back to the board in about a month."

After reviewing the proposal, Boyer said she will make a recommendation to the DIA board next month if they should open up the opportunity to other companies.

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