• Former Jaguar Tony Boselli offers children free flu shots

    By: Deanna Bettineschi , Action News Jax


    More than 60 children have died from the flu so far this season.

    That's compared to just 20 at this point last year.

    School districts are partnering with Healthy Schools LLC,  to giving out free flu shots in hopes of keeping kids healthy.

    Some students weren’t scared at all.

    “The flu shot won't hurt,” said student Rowen Gonsalez.

    While others prepared for what the flu shot would feel like.

    “I tried to keep my composure for at least a good five seconds before she stuck me with the needle,” said student Tenaj Davis.

    “At first I thought my flu shot was going to be very painful, like an arrow going through your arm,” said student Max Gonzales. 

    Most realized after a quick pinch,  the pain was gone.

    “It didn’t really hurt; it was just like a category one shot,” said Max.

    “It just protects you from all the sickness,” said Rowen.

    Former NFL star and Jaguars great Tony Boselli made this all happen. He started Healthy Schools a few years back offering the flu shot clinic for free, and he knew this year it was extra important.

    “Usually we do it during the fall but because of the flu epidemic we're working in Duval, Clay, Sumter and others to provide extra clinics who missed the first time to come,” said Boselli.

    Boselli says these clinics are also a way that a child can get vaccinated whether they are insured or not.

    And the kids say they’re grateful for the chance to get the shot because they’ve seen just how sick some of their friends have gotten this year.

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