• Free school lunches approved in Jacksonville until Oct. 20


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    As Florida recovers from Hurricane Irma, new resources are being made available. 

    From now through Wednesday, students in all of Florida counties will be offered free lunch. Some are also offering free breakfast for the next month.

    There is no application process In Duval, St. Johns, or Clay counties, so if you would like for your child to have breakfast and or lunch, all they have to do is show up to the cafeteria.

    For the next month, Clay County leaders will provide free breakfast and lunch for every single student.

    “I think that’s good because some people don’t have food and they come to school and they don’t have food,” says elementary school student Cole Hanson.

    Many in the community feel it’s a needed resource after Hurricane Irma devastated much of the area.

    “I think it’s awesome what they do for the kids," says Phyllis Hanson. "A lot of them don’t eat at home, especially the kids, and I know they do a lot better when they have breakfast."  

    The students that eat breakfast say it has a direct impact on them in class.

    “It makes me focus ... and not hungry,”, says Garett Hanson.

    If there is a kid that still needs a free or reduced breakfast or lunch after Oct. 20, the school system says they will work with individual families.

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