Friends return love after 90-year-old Nassau County crossing guard diagnosed with stage 4 cancer

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. — A local crossing guard who has been helping kids cross the street for over a decade has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

Close friends are now reaching out to the community to return the love to the beloved crossing guard.

She's been helping kids cross the street for 11 years.

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"She's out here every morning, early in the morning walking us across the street," said Braiden Shiver, a student at Yulee Middle.


Now, she's getting help.

"It was very devastating for us to hear that she was diagnosed with cancer and that it wasn't treatable, very heartbreaking for many of us," said Lt. Renee Graham, who supervises the crossing guard.

Grace Conway, 90, known as Ms. Grace brings a special passion to the job, because she loves it.

"She's very special to us," said Graham.

And students think she's pretty cool.

"She always gives high fives. You try to give her a high five and she would stick her hand out and give you a high five," said Shiver.

Ms. Grace was nominated for crossing guard of the year last year. Here's part of what was said about her. "There are regular exchanges of brownies and banana bread on Miner Road at the entrance of Yulee Middle School, and the only thing she wants in return is a hug."

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But this school year, it's been a lonely journey for students, crossing the street at Yulee Middle School.

"Wish she could come back … miss you," said Shiver.

Now it's time to return the love. Ms. Grace's close friends are asking people in the community to send her cards.

"This will be an opportunity for us to be able to share back with her how much we love her," said Graham.

Grace now wants to use the time she has left to reach out to people.

"The one positive thing that she said about this diagnosis is she has an opportunity to see everybody she loves and tell them goodbye," said Graham.

If you would like to send a card to Grace, you can mail them to Yulee Baptist Church, PO box 486, Yulee, 32041.