Georgia police warn parents about methamphetamine pills made to look like candy

Methamphetamine pills made to look like candy. Now a Georgia Police Department is reminding parents to take a closer look at Halloween candy.

Looks like ordinary, harmless candy, right? It’s not. These are drugs. And they’re popping up, just days before Halloween.

“Super dangerous,” said Monica Hayes, a parent

A police department in Georgia posted the warning on Facebook with pictures of the pills, which they said are stamped and made to look like specific candies. Police said they found the pills around their community.

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“It looks like typical candy, and a child can pick it up and eat it and die as a result of that,” Sheriff Leeper said.

Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper said that while they haven't found any pills like this locally, it's a reminder for parents and kids to check the candy closely before eating it.

Police said drugs are rarely placed in Halloween bags, but it has happened before.