Ahmaud Arbery’s family and legal team speak out about former Brunswick DA indictment

The family of Ahmaud Arbery says new charges stemming from his murder are a step toward justice.

Former District Attorney Jackie Johnson was indicted by a grand jury on Thursday for violating her oath. Investigators say she showed favor to at least two of the suspects; that includes by telling officers not to arrest Travis McMichael.

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The other suspect in Arbery’s death, Gregory McMichael, had a long career in law enforcement and once worked for Johnson’s District Attorney’s office.

Arbery’s family and legal team held a virtual press conference and spoke out about the indictment.

“At the end of each day, Ahmaud is never coming home; they belong in jail, but Ahmad is never coming home,” Wanda Cooper-Jones, Arbery’s mother said.

The McMichael’s and William “Roddie” Bryan will be on trial in the fall.

Attorneys Ben Crump and Lee Merritt accompanied the family. Crump said Johnson should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of law.

“The local District Attorney is often the last chance for a family having a voice and day in court,” Crump said. “Jackie Johnson intended on making sure Ahmaud Arbery’s family never would have their voice heard in court.”

Johnson faces up to six years behind bars while there are both state and federal cases against the McMichaels.

Merritt said the indictment of Johnson will make each case stronger, saying she should face prison time for participating in what he called a “cover up.”

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“Her actions are not only one of negligence or she shirked her duty, but she actively participated in a cover-up of a murder that makers her an accomplice under the law,” Merritt said.

Arbery’s family says everyone involved in their son’s murder should be held accountable.

“Everybody that had a hand on his death needs to be brought to justice,” Ahmaud’s father Marcus Arbery said.

“They not only failed Ahmaud, they failed the entire family,” Cooper-Jones said.

Attorney General Christopher Carr said the investigation continues.