Family gets surprise visit from dispatcher and firefighters who saved home from fire

Family meets first responders

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — Relistening to the 911 call that saved her family’s home brought tears to Nakita Foreman’s eyes during a sit-down interview on Monday. She thought back to the December fire that consumed her bedroom, engulfing Christmas presents and memorabilia.

“Just the memories -- something that we have together,” Foreman said. “It was just kind of heartbreaking to think that I was the cause of potentially kind of having this all [her home] taken away.“

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Foreman was home with her 3-year-old daughter the day of the fire. The pregnant mom decided to light a candle to relax. Instead, it started a fire.

“Those flames were higher, taller than me.“ Foreman said.

In the heat of the moment, Foreman forgot to call 911. “You never immediately think ‘I need to call 911’ because when you’re in that moment it’s a lot,” she said.

“What’s definitely at stake is your family members -- my children, my wife, my unborn child.” Jeremy Foreman chimed in.

Thankfully, the Foremans’ ADT security system called 911 for the family. It was because of that call that the Glynn County Fire Department was able to respond so quickly, ultimately saving the Foremans’ home.

Little did the family know, a month later, they would get to meet the woman behind the call. Our cameras were rolling when Dejuanni Edwards, an ADT dispatcher, surprised the family at their home. Edwards is the reason the Foremans are able to still live in their house. Their bedroom is still under repair, but their home is still standing tall.

“I’m just grateful and thankful for everybody that’s played a part in this.“ Nakita Foreman said.